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Designed for developers seeking cutting-edge solutions, everyday crypto users looking for a user-friendly experience, and enthusiasts exploring the crypto world.

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Developed to support the most widely used EVM chains, enabling easy access to comprehensive set of services and solutions for crypto projects.

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Crafted to offer a variety of services that meet the needs of projects and businesses. A central hub that empowers projects and businesses from different industries.


OpenDApps is now live on DeFi Meta Chain Testnet!

25 Jun 2023


OpenDApps Cloud new website just launched!

09 Jun 2023


Inflationary Tokens on OpenDApps Cloud — An Overview & Guide

21 Aug 2023


Tokenomics on OpenDApps Cloud — An Overview and Guide

17 Aug 2023


Guide: How to deploy ERC-20 Tokens using OpenDApps Cloud

17 Aug 2023

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Decentralized Companies

Company Contract Deployer

Deploy and manage company solidity contracts using our innovative UI without writing any code.

On-Chain Governance

Run multi-sign companies through creation of proposals with on-chain votes and execution.

Company Treasury

Manage company funds through on-chain treasury avoiding storage of funds in personal wallets.


ERC20 Token Deployer

Deploy and manage ERC20 token solidity contracts on any supported EVM chain with fully customizable tax tokenomics and optional inflation support.


Manage token tax tokenomics at any time, adding liquidity, staking rewards, burning and much more.

Staking Deployer

Deploy and manage staking solidity contracts with fully customizable rewards sizes and payout periods.

Owner Tokens Vesting

Lock up to 10% of supply as owner tokens with customizable vesting periods and amount of payouts to ensure continues development of the project.

NFT Collections

ERC721 Collection Deployer

Deploy and manage ERC721 solidity contracts with static or dynamic NFT tokens.

ERC1155 Collection Deployer

Deploy and manage ERC1155 solidity contracts with static or dynamic NFT tokens.

Multi-chain NFT Collections

Deploy and manage your NFT collection on multiple chains with metadata synchronization .

Multi-chain NFT Bridges

Deploy and manage NFT Bridges for multi-chain collection with fully customizable tax size and reward distribution.

Business Workflow

Subscription Payments

Deploy and manage subscription solidity contracts allowing customers to subscribe to services through recurring crypto payments.

Loyalty Programs

Deploy and manage loyalty program solidity contracts allowing customers to accumulate and exchange loyalty points in form of ERC20 tokens.


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DeFiChain MetaChain Mainnet


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Avalanche C-Chain Mainnet


Polygon Mumbai Testnet


BNB Chain Testnet


DeFiChain Meta Chain Testnet


Ethereum Rinkeby Testnet

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